Disinformation and Elections in Southeast Asia (hybrid workshop)

The spread of disinformation false information spread to deceive people has become a common phenomenon in recent elections globally. This workshop focuses on election-related disinformation in four Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Experts on each country’s politics will address questions like; Who produced and disseminated disinformation, how, and why? To what extent did it achieve the […]

PureSpectrum Marketplace Demo

オンラインサーベイ・サンプリングワークショップ: オンラインサーベイのパネルを効率的・安価に提供するPureSpectrum Marketplaceの使い方ワークショップを以下の要領で実施します。講師はPureSpectrumの北 知恵さんと何 佳星さんです。日本および諸外国でのオンラインサーベイのパネル設定についてハンズオンでご説明いただきます。ご興味のある方はぜひご参加ください。 日時 2023年1月26日(木)14:00–15:30 実施方法 ZOOM (以下のリンクより登録なしで直接参加できます) https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87846335267?pwd=bXlDNkZqelpzc3FleGNLaXNyMmlZZz09 講師 北 知恵 PureSpectrum Vice President, North Asia    何 佳星   PureSpectrum Sr. Consultant, Client Services, North Asia 参加費  無料使用言語 日本語 問い合わせ先:説明内容について 北 知恵 tomoe.kita@purespectrum.com​​その他  粕谷祐子 ykasuya@keio.jp

Workshop on Gender and Political Representation in Asia and Beyond

Expanded workshop program (paper abstracts and presenter bios) WHEN: November 25 (Friday) & 26(Saturday), 2022FORMAT: Hybrid (free of charge)WHERE: In-person   G-Lab, East Research Building, Mita Campus, Keio University https://www.keio.ac.jp/en/maps/mita.html (building #13 in the campus map)Online https://keio-univ.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kf-ysqDouHNIgqdZtimSeFxblM2oZTknx The meeting link is the same for all sessions for both dates; registration is required. PROGRAM Day 1   (November 25, Friday)  Morning Sessions (10:00-12:35) […]

online workshop: Democracy and Disinformation in the Philippines

Thirty-six years ago, the “People Power Revolution” ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. In May 2022, his son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. won the presidency. Disinformation via social media is said to be one of the major reasons behind his victory. How did it work? What are its repercussions on Philippine democracy? What are the lessons to be learned for the […]

Southeast Asia Workshop

Democratic Backsliding in Southeast Asia? Globally, democracy is said to be backsliding. What about in Southeast Asia? Can this concept capture political developments happening in the region? What are the characteristics, causes, and consequences of backsliding in various Southeast Asian countries? This two-day workshop addresses these questions by assembling eight papers on Southeast Asia. Dates: Day 1 March 29 (Tuesday) […]

Online Research Workshop

Aggregating Expert Ratings with IRT Models: The V-Dem Methodology When: February 10, 2022 (Thursday)  5 pm to  6:30 pm  (Japan Standard Time) Attend: https://keio-univ.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUudOChrzgrHNMt9wiuuZM_XedDhaOVJT47  This workshop provides a conceptual and technical introduction to V-Dem’s methodology for aggregating expert ratings in cross-national research. The workshop first presents the reliability and validity challenges associated with the task and then introduces the components of […]

Webinar: Pro-Democracy Movements in Asia

This webinar celebrates the publication of a special issue on the 2019 Hong Kong protests in the Japanese Journal of Political Science. In Part I, we invite the lead authors of the articles in this special issue to highlight their findings. In Part II, distinguished scholars of social movements join a roundtable discussion to explore the state of our knowledge […]

Online Research Seminar

Frontiers in the Study of Japanese Democracy Date: December 11 (Sat)  Japan Standard Time Please join our half-day virtual seminar featuring three cutting-edge research papers on Japanese democracy, hosted jointly by the East Asia Regional Center and Keio University’s Department of Political Science. Registration: https://keio-univ.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqceqorT4pH9RKja0CJw4iqAzpg0T9P_IJ  (You will receive a URL link to the seminar upon registration.)  Session 1:  9am – […]

Democracy Brief 2021_2 in English

Is Japan’s Democracy in Retreat? Our second issue of Democracy Brief, originally written in Japanese, is now available in English! Using the Liberal Democracy Index in the V-Dem data, it analyzes if Japanese democracy is backsliding, and if so, since when and how. Our finding is that Japan’s LDI score is declining since around 2012 (when LDP replaced DPJ), and […]

Democracy Brief 2021-2

デモクラシー・ブリーフ 「日本の民主主義は後退しているのか」を発行しました。本稿では、V-demデータにある自由民主主義指標を用いて、2012年頃以降から現在にかけて日本では民主主義の後退がある程度みられること、またその内容は、選挙政治に関連するものではなく、自由主義(政府の職権乱用に対する抑制等)に関連する事柄において低下していることを明らかにしています(分析に利用したプログラムコードも公開していますので参考にしてください)。Our second issue of Democracy Brief (in Japanese) is out! Using the Liberal Democracy Index in the V-Dem data, it analyses if Japanese democracy is backsliding, and if so, since when and how. Our finding is that Japan’s LDI score is declining since around 2012 (when LDP replaced DPJ), and the decline is most noticeable in the aspects related […]