Webinar: Pro-Democracy Movements in Asia

This webinar celebrates the publication of a special issue on the 2019 Hong Kong protests in the Japanese Journal of Political Science. In Part I, we invite the lead authors of the articles in this special issue to highlight their findings. In Part II, distinguished scholars of social movements join a roundtable discussion to explore the state of our knowledge and future research avenues on Asia’s pro-democracy movements.

January 15, 2022 (Saturday) 10 am to 12 noon
(Japan Standard Time)


PART I INTRODUCING THE SPECIAL ISSUE: Questions, methods, and findings (10:00 to 10:45)

Opening remark:

Yuko Kasuya (Keio University)
Resisting autocratization: the protest–repression nexus in Hong Kong’s Anti-ELAB Movement

Article highlights:

Edmund Cheng (City University of Hong Kong )
Affective solidarity: how guilt enables cross-generational support for political radicalization in Hong Kong

Samson Yuen (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Solidarity in diversity: online petitions and collective identity in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill Movement

Fei Shen (City University of Hong Kong )
Reducing political polarization in Hong Kong: a pilot experiment of deliberation

Maggie Shum (University of Notre Dame)
When voting turnout becomes contentious repertoire: how anti-ELAB protest overtook the District Council election in Hong Kong 2019

Tetsuro Kobayashi (City University of Hong Kong)
Does repression undermine opposition demands? The case of the Hong Kong National Security Law

Hans Tung (National Taiwan University)
Anti-ELAB Movement, National Security Law, and Heterogeneous Institutional Trust in Hong Kong

Elizabeth Lui (City University of Hong Kong)
Would Violent Tactics Cost a Democratic Movement its International Support?

PART II  ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION:  How to study pro-democracy movements in Asia  (10:50 to 12:00)

Francis Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong) on Hong Kong  
Ming-sho Ho (National Taiwan University) on Taiwan 
Mai Van Tran (University of Copenhagen) on Myanmar 
Aim Sinpeng (University of Sydney) on Thailand
Moderator: Hans Tung 

This event is organized by the V-Dem East Asia Regional Center and funded by Keio University’s Department of Political Science. For inquires, contact Yuko Kasuya  (ykasuya@keio.jp)