online workshop: Democracy and Disinformation in the Philippines

Thirty-six years ago, the “People Power Revolution” ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. In May 2022, his son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. won the presidency. Disinformation via social media is said to be one of the major reasons behind his victory. How did it work? What are its repercussions on Philippine democracy? What are the lessons to be learned for the Philippines and beyond? This online seminar discusses these issues with scholars who study the politics of disinformation in the 2022 Philippine elections. 

When: July 1, 2022  (Friday), 9:00 -11:00 AM (Manila  Time)/10:00-12:00 (Japan Standard Time)
(free of charge, registration required)

Aries Arugay (Professor, Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Mobilized & Polarized: Social Media and the 2022 Philippine Elections

Maria Diosa Labiste (Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Fact-checking Hate Speech and Historical Distortions in the May 2022 Elections

Yuko Kasuya (Professor, Department of Political Science, Keio University)
Disinformation about Marcos Sr. and the Victory of Marcos Jr. in the 2022 Philippine Election

Cleo Calimbahin (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, De La Salle University)

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